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Luis Gregorio Jesus “Luigi” B. De la Paz

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Luigi is a lawyer of many talents. The broad scope of his legal knowledge and expertise allows him to quickly solve even the most complicated legal problems. His experience in working for the government and the private sector has also equipped him with the skills required to negotiate and conclude the toughest deals between even the most intractable of parties. His negotiating skills are further backed by his proficiency in litigation and arbitration. His advice is much sought after and highly valued by his individual and corporate clients, both local and foreign.

Ashlin Clint L. Co

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Ashlin’s most valuable expertise is understanding business owners, their legal problems, and their other peculiar needs. Ashlin also speaks, reads, and writes Fukien and Mandarin.

Nicolo Jose E. Castillo

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Nicolo’s main expertise is in Labor Law. He has successfully handled innumerable labor cases and related issues involving various industries, including manufacturing, sales, BPOs, legitimate job contractors, trucking, seafarers’ claims, cooperatives, and much more. He has likewise assisted in CBA negotiations, representing management. His advice to corporate clients have led to positive changes in their policies and practices in relation to employees.

Miguel Cornelius C. Herrera

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Miguel practices Commercial Law, Dispute Resolutions, Mergers and Acquisitions, Intellectual Property and Litigation involving civil, criminal, and administrative causes. Miguel is also proficient in various corporate matters involving acquisition, contract law, commercial arbitration, labor and procurements. He also trained as an Arbitrator with the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center and is currently an Associate Professor of Law in San Beda College of Law Alabang.

Adolph Armando M. Ilas, III

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Adolph 15 years of experience in the fields of corporate law, commercial law, litigation, banking and immigration law. He has represented clients in number of matters before the judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative agencies.

Ireneo M. Galicia

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Atty. Galicia has extensive experience in Intellectual Property Law (patents, utility models, and industrial designs; trademarks and geographical indications; copyright; optical media, and digital rights; licensing of IP rights; Agreement on the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and the Doha Declaration, including the implementation of flexibilities, and public health) and exposure in IP in the ASEAN region, negotiating IP provisions in free trade, bilateral, regional agreements, regional harmonization and international IP agreements.